Friday, February 27, 2009


This has been one long winter! But fortunately, we have been well fed and warm, so I can't complain...but damn it...where is spring? I am also fortunate enough to have a hubby that does not ice fish, play pool, watch sports, sit in the bar, or chase women that I know of! If he did chase women all I would have to do is wave a piece of wood in front of his face and he would come running back. Pretty simple to keep him around...a piece of wood and a cup of coffee and he thinks he died and went to Heaven. Nope, he isn't pass the time, hubby has been hard at it in the wood shop, using his magical turning lathe to turn trash wood into pieces of art. I know our kids are running out of room at their houses for the things he makes them but here are some more! Hey, even I get to keep a lot of the stuff!

The first 2 bowls are made from Ash from our trees by our home and other exotic woods and the bottom 2 vessels are made out of the Boxelder trees that grow here also. The red that you see is a natural occurrence in the wood probably caused by some bug or fungus that got in the wood. Boxelder are just trashy trees that are not the prettiest things but they sure make some nice bowls!

I love to do woodworking myself but seldom get the time with work and is not a priority. He did try to teach me the basics of wood turning. After 6 hours of turning down a football size piece of wood into a spool that still does not look like a spool, I decided I would stick with making my outdoor furniture and crafty things and leave it at that. I have better things to do!


  1. Wow! All of these are gorgeous!!!!! Absolutely beautiful. Looks like a lot of work goes into them.

  2. Wow! These are gorgeous! They're simply beautiful. Looks like a lot of work goes into them.

  3. OMG! Rick is really, REALLY blowing me away with these bowls! WOW!

  4. Oh WOW ! Those bowls are absolutely gorgeous ! YOU are a luck woman ! Tell DH that I am a lucky woman too. . . I love the pie roller he gave me !

    You two just sound so snug as a bug this winter !

    later. . .


  5. Ok . .. I guess it wants me to post this again. . .

    These bowls are gorgeous ! You are a lucky woman, but you already know that. You two sound like you are snug as a bug this winter. Tell DH that I still just love the pie roller that he made me ! later, B.

  6. Wow! Just gorgeous! I bet your oldest daughter would really like to have something like this...hmmm...:-)

  7. How beautiful! Those with the red are exquisite! I hope he is signing them as they are wonderful heirlooms. 'Wish I knew how to do those!

  8. Words fail me! the work is unbelievable, just beautiful.