Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1940's APRON

Well, my daughter and her hubby came home last weekend. I always look forward to those precious moments. She decided she wanted to make an old fashioned apron. She proceeded to browse through my unending stash and find enough material. How strange, not only did I have the fabric but also a pattern for it! OK...it was not strange at all, I am a hoarder of all wonderful things to craft with. If I don't have it...it is just that I haven't ordered it online or have gotten to the store yet.

We had a blast doing it. We cut a "new" old fashioned handkerchief in half for the pockets. I wanted to put on some rick rack but she wasn't into that much bling on it. She did find some really cool "old" buttons but you can't see them on here.

Anyway here she is modeling her creation!  (Why is she holding that knife?)

Maybe if I get my apron done I will have to model it!