Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to Outline with Cricut Markers

Well, I have been way too busy doing nothing so I thought I should put something on here that someone that has a Cricut can actually get some use out of.
This is what I do to make a "sorta" printer out of my Cricut.

First of all you need to buy some of the Cricut pens. I have seen other people say they use all kinds of other things but I just happened to have bought all the colors because they were on sale and I just like to collect things for my hobbies.

SO....Here we go....

First of all, whenever you are putting that pen any where near the Cricut cutting area, PLEASE be sure to put a piece of waste cardstock under the pen/cutting area or you will be marking the paper you are going to use or the carriage of the Cricut. I am speaking from experience here!

Second Step:
Be sure to seat the pen in properly. There is a little indentation on it so be sure to have it in there.

Third Step: select the design you want. If it is from a cartridge, select size. Push "Cut". This will start it printing out the picture.
It will stop below what has already been printed. Here is it all printed out.

Fourth Step:
Hit the "Load Paper" button and it will go back to home base. Put your waste paper under the pen and change to the cutting housing. Put pressure back to whatever you need for the kind of paper you are cutting. (If I use heavy cardstock I use pressure of 5 and needle depth of 3.)

Fifth Step:
Hit the "Repeat Last" button and then hit the "Cut" button and it will cut the same thing it just printed right on the same lines it printed out.

Here is a picture of what was cut out and I am trying to show you how much of the line there is left of it.

This was a black marker that I used.

If anyone is actually using the pencil grips or any other type of pen I sure would like to see it in action.

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  1. Wow ! Great tutorials. Makes me wish I had a cricut !

    Can I request a quilting tutorial ? oh, I just did ! ha ha.

    I see you had 22 posts for Feb and only one for March. . . if you do 2 a day for the rest of March, you and beat Feb !