Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here is an idea for your Easter table. It's a little bread bunny! When I made this I used frozen bread dough, made little round balls for feet and hands. Bigger dough balls for head and body. I made a rope of dough and folded it in half to make the ears. I used 2 raisins for the eyes and 2 sliced almonds for the teeth. I cut out the tummy and we filled that with dip when we were ready to serve.

Mealtime came and needless to say, they started to eat the little guy's arms and legs off! Next someone grabbed an ear and someone swore they seen the bunny's nose twitching and the next thing I knew, his nose was gone...leaving teeth and eyeballs, oh, all right, raisins and almonds...but still! It ended up like a feeding frenzy and by the time the meal was over he looked like road kill. But you know what, rabbit ears are very tasty dipped in vegetable dip.


  1. oh. . . LaRae. . . this is SO cute ! I wished we lived closer so I could come and eat at YOUR house !


  2. Oh!My! My Mom made one of these several years back and if I remember right, I wouldn't eat it cuz I felt sorry for the poor bunny. But, then I wouldn't drink out of Mom's chicken milk pitcher either as it looked like the chicken was puking when you poured milk in your glass! LOL! I'm over all that now! Anyway...this looks delicious!