Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is my Guilt Quilt. A coworker survived breast cancer and was thrilled about that as were her friends and family. She had a tough recovery but managed to pull through. I seen her one day and asked how she was doing, etc. She said, "Hey, would you make me a pink quilt? I will pay you whatever you want." I explained to her that I just didn't have the time right now and I had never sold any of my quilts. If anyone received one from me, it was from my heart. I volunteered to help her learn to quilt and perhaps she could make her own or her friends could help. I don't think she was interested in doing that at the time. I truly was so swamped with other things in my life that I just didn't have the time to do it for her. I felt bad because I didn't know where I would fit in the time for making a quilt.

Time went on and I found out that her cancer had returned, only this time, the doctors didn't think she would make it. I was devastated! I could not believe that I said I didn't have time to make her that quilt but here she was...with no precious time to call her own! Not even if she wanted more time...she would not find it.

I got right to work and made her the quilt she wanted and I presented it to her at a fund raiser held for her. I also found the time to make another quilt to donate for her fund raiser auction.

That was about a year ago and she is still working at getting well. I believe it is at a Cancer Treatment Center that she is receiving help and they are giving her hope.

So I learned a valuable lesson. I might think my time is precious but the time I make for others is much more precious.

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