Thursday, January 7, 2010


Now don't think that I am cheap or anything but I do like to give people what they want. This gift was a gift of love and years in the making.

My oldest daughter was always eyeballing my old Betty Crocker cookbook...vintage 1978. My mother had given it to me the first year we were married in 1980. Well, I know from experience that this has got to be the best cookbook ever written. I have tried a lot of the recipes in it and I have yet to have one fail and my new hubby must have thought he married a chef! They are the good old recipes with salt and cream and butter. No calorie counting. That might also explain why the recipes are so darn good!

Anyway, I started looking for one on the used books websites and I actually ended up finding one on eBay. WOOHOO. I was so excited! The most I seen it for was $49.99 and I ended up getting this dandy one for $15.00 and that including the shipping! Needless to say she was thrilled!. Well, I couldn't let my youngest daughter be without one. Even though she is vegetarian, there are plenty of good recipes for her too...complete with salt! I got her one off of another site. These particular cookbooks are not easy to find! There are some that look like this but they have to be 1978. That is part of the thrill of the hunt! The best part hubby has been enjoying those recipes for almost 30 years. Maybe it was the cookbook that held us together this long or maybe it was how good I look in the kitchen humped over a hot stove or my rather large butt sticking out of the fridge...or maybe it is because I am just so darn thrifty...LOL
Now don't think I go around and buy used items as gifts for Christmas...I go around and find things that people will not go out and find for themselves. Maybe just a little labor of love for my babies.


  1. YAAAA LARAE ! you are back on ! I love the projects and your writing and pics of the girls ! KEEP UP the GREAT WORK. . . and for cryin' out loud, go public so you can do some tutorials ! ! ! !

    p.s. I am so glad I am "one of your girls" too, as you give the BESTEST presents !


  2. OH MY GOSH! I am sitting here looking at my cookbooks...there are only about six on the shelf...the most obvious one is the "new cook book"! AWESOME gift!!

  3. My mom gave me that cookbook in 1972. Best gift I ever received. I learned so much about cooking from it and still use it today. Unfortunately, the hard back cover came off and a few pages have came out, but I still use it! My mom has been gone for over ten years, I think of her every time I use the cookbook. You'll have to try the cherry pie recipe. I am asked to bring it to every family get together. It's the best cherry pie you'll ever taste! Yum! RW

  4. I have that exact book only mine is really worn. It was the first cookbook I owned and go back to it time and time again. I look for a lot online now, but still love my old Betty Crocker.
    I'm sure your daughters love that you took the time to find it for them. Lucky girls!