Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vintage Tablecloth Bags

Here was one of my last fun projects. This was a Christmas gift for my daughter. I made 2 shopping bags out of a vintage tablecloth for her. She does wonders with anything that is old...including her father and I, so I knew she would appreciate it.

First of all I was taken on a wonderful day antiquing and quilt shop hopping with some really great girlfriends for my birthday. Yeah, I know, it is tough turning 29 AGAIN. I think this is 25 years in a row now for that special birthday. Anyway, I bought this tablecloth at an antique store knowing that my daughter would just love it. I looked it over and seen it had a hole in it but decided to get it anyway. OK...I got it home but decided that hole was a bit much. I decided right then and there that I would make a table runner out of it and also a couple shopping bags. I got pretty excited about that. I was smiling and talking to myself like I do...the whole time I sewed them. I couldn't wait for her to open them!

When I finished them I just loved them! I did patch that hole and then I cleverly put a pocket over it. No one will ever know! I do so want to make some for myself!!

I hope I can spend another day with my friends to go hunting for some more vintage tablecloths! That was just too much fun!

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