Saturday, January 22, 2011

Canning Jar SVG

I see there was a request for a Mason Jar on my Yahoo boards. I don't have a "Mason Jar" but I did make a canning jar. This was a lot of fun once I decided that not only do I have a SVG of a jar I now have a SVG that will come in really handy to add texture to.
Here is the jar with and without a lid. I know, pretty simple but THERE IS MORE!!

Click Here to download SVG

This SVG will have the jar, oval shape and lid all separate on the mat.  It will come into your mat as one.  Just select and click "Control B".  This will make them into separate designs and then you can do with what you wish. 

Those of you that have not had the fun of adding texture to your SVGs now is the time to learn. I am giving these instructions using Make the Cut Software. I do have SCAL but I haven't used it for so long that I don't even know if they have this feature!

Step 1. Click on the object you want to add a background to. This is what they call "texture".

Step 2. Right click on the object and Select "Change Color/Texture" and then "Select Texture"

Step 3. The next box will open and that is where you can decide what you want for a background.

It is also in this box that you can decide if you want it at an angle, how big of a design and if you want to tile it across the design or just a single picture. For some reason mine will occasionally open right up in the file that I keep my backgrounds. Maybe it just reads my mind. Just play with it for awhile.  If you don't like the texture you have chosen, go back and do it all over again.

OK…now for a couple of ideas.

First of all you can put anything in these jars that you might want on a card or a scrapbook page.
This one I changed the texture to include Jelly Beans and a screw type lid made by angling some line art.

This also is very nice to use the Print and Cut feature in the Make the Cut software.  No need to buy that expensive Cricut Imagine.  My printer and my Cricut Expression work very well together and yours should too.  Save that money for more paper and glue!

This next one is for all the grandparents that wish the grandkids would stay little forever. Well, they can! All you have to do is "Preserve" them in a canning jar!

I have no idea who this child is.  It is just a stock photo. 
Believe me, if I had grandkids they would be plastered all over this blog!

How about these ideas?
Old Photos
Pet Photos
Photos Stretch to look like they are tightly squeezed in a jar.
Insect Jar
Gross Science Project
Picture of your home/farm
Make it a label on a real jar
Double it and make into a holder for candy bars or snacks
Jar full of words
Jar of poetry
Jar full of numbers

Have Fun!


  1. Darling idea, however the svg link is not working. Any chance your could see if it can be repaired?

  2. Thanks for the wonderful files and all the ideas. I haven't got MTC yet but this idea just might make up my mind to get it. I love SCAL2 but the texture and print idea it great. Anita in OK

  3. Thank you soooooo much, I was the person who requested the jar.
    You are the best!!

  4. Thank you for the cute files but esp. for explaining the texture on MTC. I've tried to figure it out and haven't got the hang of it yet, but am going to try to do the Mason Jar and texture right now! Thanks again!

  5. Thank you! It's fixed...

  6. Thanks so much for the file. I am an MTC addict and this will work great with texture.
    I posted a link to your blog on the MTC forum. Thought I would spread the word about the neat ideas you had with using the jar svg as well as the svg.

  7. Great idea of "preserving" a grandchild! Every day with my grandson is a delight. I love this idea.

  8. Thank you! I am excited to play with it. Also, I really appreciate your ideas and suggestions! Awesome!

  9. You are awesome! I love it! Definitely a must have!!!

  10. Very cute ideas to use texture with the jar and to use a photo too!! Thanks for the free file!!

  11. I used you SVG in an entry for the Moxie Fab Tuesday trigger. YOu can find my blog post at: