Sunday, January 9, 2011


Can you tell I like bright colors?  I love my Kindle!  This so easy to drop in my purse and I also keep it by my bed to slip the Kindle in when I am done reading.

Materials Needed:

9 x 12 inch piece of batting
2 fat quarters or enough fabric to make 3 pieces of 9 x 12 fabric and a scrap
Heavy duty Interfacing (Decor Bond by Pellon works well)
1 inch of Velcro
Good looking man rubbing your shoulders

OK...on to the directions!

1. Use an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper as your pattern. paper!  Cut out three pieces of fabric from that pattern. One will be the outside and two will be the lining and the inside pocket. I prefer to have the two fabrics for the inside to be a different color but that is up to you.

2. Cut out two pieces of fabric for the closure tab that are 1 3/4” x 3”. I prefer matching the outside fabric but you can get funky with that if you want!

3. Cut out all the same size pieces again this time cutting it out of iron-on heavy duty interfacing and iron to wrong side of all pieces. I like to use the Décor Bond by Pellon. You can iron on all the interfacing onto the fabrics beforehand and cut it all out at once.

4. Take one of the inside fabrics and cut off ½ inch off the short side. It will now be 8 1/2 x 10 1/2. Fold that in half, wrong sides together, matching short ends. This will be your inside pocket for the Kindle. It will now be 5 1/4 x 8 1/2. You can top stitch this or add some kind of decorative stitch to the folded side.

5. Now round off all outside corners using a spool of thread including one end of the tab pieces. DO NOT ROUND OFF THE FOLDED SIDE OF THE POCKET…only round off the bottom edge of that piece. It really doesn’t matter what spool you use, just so there is not a definite corner because it will get hard to turn right side out. A regular large size spool is great. It has about a 1 1/4 inch diameter.

6. It is at this time that you will add Velcro to the front cover and to one side of the tab. I placed one piece of Velcro about 5/8 inch from raw edge of outside piece on one side. See photo of the completed pouch. The other piece of Velcro went to the inside edge of the tab. Once that is done you can sew the tab pieces together, turn right side out and top stitch.


How to layer it all together:

Place a piece of cotton batting down first, then put the outside piece down on top of that with right side up, now the inside pocket with right side up (if there is one) matching the bottoms of the two pieces. Next lay the last lining piece down with wrong side up. Pin everything in place. Sew all the way around with a scant 1/4 inch seam allowance leaving a 3 inch opening on the bottom side for turning. Clip corners and trim edges, Turn right side out. Press it all out nice and flat.  I steamed mine so it would keep its shape.  I stitched real close to the edges, probably about 1/16 of an inch away. This will give it definition and also close the opening. No need to hand stitch closed.

For beginners you might want to stitch down the pocket to the first fabric first and then do all of the fabrics together.

Now for the final finish.  Grab that chocolate and coffee, read your Kindle and let your man rub your shoulders.  OK...we will all be happy with the chocolate!

This and the next photo show how I put on the Velcro

I added a little button for decoration only.  It has no function except to be pretty. 
You could add a YO YO or any other embellishment also.
Here I am trying to show you how I stitched close to the edge. 
 I think it is important but it is up to you.

Here is how it fits nice and snug into the pouch. 

Hope this helps someone!


  1. YEAH LARAE ! ! ! You did a fantastic job of this tutorial ! and I just LOVE the fabric you used! I want to make one for my Nook. ( Did I tell you I got a Nook? ( color, btw.... ! ) Love it ! Are you still snowed in?


  2. Wish I would of seen this before I bought my cover! This is adorable!

  3. Great tutorial. My Kindle is still naked. Now I can make her pretty!

  4. This is beautiful. I will be making my own kindle cover...Thank you.