Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Now that we know that winter is almost over, 6 weeks or not...I am optimistic that spring is going to come screaming around the corner at any minute. So until I hear the screaming...I will remember last summer.

Our youngest daughter decided that Daddy needed a new puppy. We had our other Yellow Lab for almost 14 years before he passed away. We had been dogless for a couple years and to tell you the truth, it was nice not to have to worry about a dog any more. Oh, sure I missed old Charlie but it just was a responsibility that in our old age we didn't really need.

So along came Willy! What a bundle of energy. I know why old people don't have kids...we don't have the energy to keep up with them. The same goes for puppies. But he makes us laugh so much it is worth it. What a personality. He is more human than some of the people I know.

He loved to ride with hubby on the mower last summer. That will come to a halt this summer because at 7 months old, he is now way too big for that, about 70 pounds. We have no idea how big he will get at this rate. The UPS man was wondering when we were going to get him saddle broke. We might have to!

I am sure the warm milk and peanut butter sandwich he gets for a treat everyday doesn't help. We just have to make sure he doesn't get overweight.

He absolutely loves the vacuum cleaner. He will lay there while we vacuum him then rolls over and he let's us do the other side. The shop vac seems a bit much for him but...I think he likes the way the vacuum flutters his lips.

I can brag, he is such a good dog.
He eats his veggies......

He plays well with others..........

He helps with gardening............

He also sits when we tell him to..............

Yep, I guess we will keep him. He knows too many of our secrets already!


I have to say...I think we fed him well.  Willy has turned out to be almost human.  I cannot even begin to tell you the stories we have to tell or the times he has made us laugh.

First of all, he is under foot all the time.  That is natural for most dogs.  Second of all, he is always smiling.  I have never seen a dog smile so much in my whole life.  I have no clue what he thinks is so funny or what there is to be so happy about, but he apparently has found it.

As you seen in previous pictures, he was quite cute as a puppy.  His days of riding on the lawnmower on hubby's lap are over...well almost.  He still trys to sit on his master's lap but has to sit beside him instead.  We can't sit in the gazebo without him thinking he has to have a chair to sit in too.  

Here they are resting after hoeing the garden.  He listens very well to "Get outta the Garden"
His feelings get a little hurt so he goes and lays in the shade of the apple tree.  He sometimes goes and
plays with the cats.  His favorite cat that he plays with is pictured below.

This cat is the laziest thing I have ever seen.  All he does is eat, sleep, poop and just be cute.  He loves to be cuddled and petted but just don't scratch his tummy...those are fightin' moves. 


  1. Oh my goodness! Willy is so cute!!! Yes looks to be a big fella soon. Son has a choc, Beamer, that is huge and Vet says not done yet!! We too were pup-less for a long while till a lil cute stray made herself to home 'on my' DH as he was working on the lawn tractor one day. Jumped on his tummy and stole his old hard heart she did! Now Sadie Rose a lil beagle has been with us 2 yrs! Love her to pieces and she is spoiled but deserves it!!
    Love your blog ! Beth sent me over from her blog. You and DH are so talented for sure!
    Adding you to my reading list!!

  2. Love your blog! Enjoyed reading about life on the farm:)