Saturday, January 29, 2011


A friend of mine was wondering how to put a picture in the background of a calendar page and was wondering if I knew now.  WelI I didn't!  I went and watched a You Tube video and then tried it on my own.  It worked out so well that I decided to share the file. I used Photoshop Elements 8 for this project.

This is an example of what I did.  I am not going to explain this in too much detail.  If you know how to use a graphic program this will be very easy.  Especially if you know how to use layers.  Even if you are not real familiar with those programs this Calendar page has an invisible background and anything will show through it if you put it over the top of it.  You could even have a collage of words for a background or a scanned sheet of paper or fabric.  Just call up this file as if you are adding a photo to the picture you already have as a background. 

In my photo, I made a layer with the lilacs and a layer with my dog.  I then pulled the blank calendar over the top of all of it.  Now I can add numbers that will fit the month and I can also add the name of the month above it and also add events, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

This also works in Microsoft Word.  Just bring in your photo and then bring in the Calendar file and lay it over the top.   

I haven't added the numbers on my calendar yet.  I was just experimenting with it.

Download the BLUE calendar grid HERE.

Download the PINK Calendar Grid HERE

Download the WHITE Calendar Grid HERE.
Download the BLACK Calendar Grid HERE.

There are no days of the week on this one in case you like to make your Calendars starting with Monday.

Download the BLACK Blank Calendar Grid HERE.

(Thanks to my friend Dennis for such a great idea!)


  1. Thanks a million for the calendar overlays. Think valentines - add Feb and dates - add "Kiss Wife" in all the squares. What fun. C2

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Awesome

  3. Thank you so much for these calendars. I can see lots of new projects now!

  4. Just for your information if you did not already know, these calendar pages are what are called .png files. Png files are always clear so that you can put something behind it and it be seen, whereas a .jpg file which is what has been most popular for a while is opaque with a white background. Thanks for sharing your files

  5. Thank you Lynn for pointing that out. I did not know until lately that you can actually take the background out of a regular JPG and make it invisible then save it as a PNG. I like to be able to make my own shapes that are partially invisible and can add pictures in the open areas. So much fun!

  6. great png, thank you for sharing with us.