Friday, January 28, 2011


Yes, we are getting pretty sick of the snow. We are having one heck of a time finding the road. I have no idea how the blade operator can even see where it is after a snow storm. Once it snows and blows, there is nothing but white in the bright sunlight and heaven forbid...try driving at night like I have to...and the road just does not exist.

I wanted to share a few photos of just what it is like to live where I do. It is wonderful in the summer, traffic seldom goes by, the air is very clean, and you can always hear the birds singing. There is usually wind in North Dakota and it makes our trees rustle like the sound of an ocean right outside our window. Kind of cool sounding...very relaxing indeed.

THEN...along comes winter. Ripping around the corner of the house like a locomotive, howling like a pack of wolves in heat and snow so thick you can’t see in front of your face. You are constantly bundled up with enough clothing you could roll down a hill and never get hurt. (If we had a hill.) The cold is so bitter that you can’t breathe and vehicles burn up more gas just warming up than it takes to get to work. We are not wasteful we just like to be able to breathe when we drive. I tried holding my breath once but it was so cold I stayed blue for a week. We are not Smurfs. Yep, it pretty much blows the heck out of the relaxing summer we just had. Kind of makes you want to go out and rip that sign down that says…Welcome to North Dakota…and put one up that says, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! They say it keeps out the riff raff. Oh, no, they are here because you have to be a little crazy to live here year ‘round.

So it goes…come on…share a day with me…the sun did shine for these photos.

Of course our dog drinks Aquafina and he never goes on a road trip without it! Doesn't yours? 
He knows he buried a bone right there just last summer.
Yes, winter is tough on the Willy dog.
He seems to love the cold except when he has to poop.  He will get halfway done, it freezes and it just snaps off.  He never knows if he's done or not.

Here is my road going east.

Here is my road going west.

Can you really tell what direction you are going?

 I know by now you are pretty excited about North Dakota.
Do you ever wonder why our unemployment rate is the lowest in the nation?  It's because you will want a job, any job just to keep moving so you don't freeze to death.  And also, don't you think maybe, just maybe, you might get a bit tired of staying home and looking at this?  Yes, work is nice.....

Here is our farm from a distance.
This is as close as we want you to come without an says hubby.

Here is our house from the end of our driveway.
This is where hubby would like a gate...with a huge lock!

I let him think he really is tough...

Well, yall come back sometime! Ya hear!  Maybe spring?


  1. love it !

    Hey, I want a picture of your truck stuck on the road..... today... 2/3/11 ! Oh, and one of you all bundled up ! that would be great ! ! well and then one of DH leading you down the road with a shovel..... maybe Willy can take it for you !


  2. Now THIS is funny...poor Willy!