Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well, Hubby has been hard at it again.  He bought a new book last summer called "The Art of Segmented Wood Turning by Nalcolm Tibbetts.  He wanted to bump up his talents with something a bit more challenging.  He also has received some nice chunks of wood from our girls so he had to turn them into something.
It always amazes me how much
a dead tree can bring him to life!

This was his first attempt at Segmented Bowls.  This is made of Maple and Mahogany.

This was his second attempt.  This is made out of Maple and Russian Olive.  The Russian Olive has some beautiful wood in it but it doesn't get very large.  It works great for smaller projects but I wish it could be made into furniture.  It is the darker wood in the object.
This bowl is almost prettier on the inside.  I have no idea why this photo looks so yellow.  It really looks more like the photo above it.

The cover is even kinda of neat.  Almost like a basket.

This is just a plain turned bowl but the
 wood in it is so beautiful. 
This picture doesn't do it justice. 
It is made out of Cocobolo.

This is made out of Jobilo.  I am not sure where all these exotic woods come from but they are nice and different.

My daughter and her hubby are having a "Trip Around the World Party" and they are going to make Lefse.  She asked her Daddy if he would make her some Lefsa sticks and of course he said yes....spoiled little girl!

 Lefse Sticks

Wood burned decoration in the handle

 I didn't get a very good picture but these are what we call Lefsa sticks.  It is used to take the thin dough off the floured rolling board and place it on a hot Lefse grill.  You also use it to remove the Lefse from the hot grill.  You almost feel Ninja- like when using it...well almost.  Really hard to be Ninja-like when you have butter running down your chin from testing the first piece of Lefse.  For those of you with no Scandinavian blood have my sympathy. If you don't know what Lefse is then you have not feasted with the Lutefisk Gods. It is a very thin almost tortilla-like bread made out of mashed potatoes along with some flour, sugar, butter, cream, etc. THEN when you eat it, you add more butter and sugar. Hard to believe that the Scandinavians have not died out from high cholesterol! Well for one...I am still here! 

My daughter and I try to get together to make Lefse every October for the holidays and of course there is never any left.  I wonder if she will share some of hers from the party?

Here is a link to see for yourself how it is made.  They have a very nice tutorial. 


  1. OMG these are beautiful ! Fabulous job ! I do believe there is magic coming out of that shop......

    Hey, LaRae... you should check out my new picture album on my FB page with all the log furniture that my brother is making now... check out my new quilt ladder..... Beth

  2. What a talented family. Beautiful wood work, love the quilts.
    Linda - Ellenton, FL