Sunday, January 16, 2011

1930's QUILT

Here is one of the quilts I did in December.  For some reason I decided at the last minute to make my girls each a 1930's quilt.   They have been eyeballing my stash of 1930's reproduction fabrics for quite some time.  I always thought I would make myself an old fashioned looking quilt.  I still will someday 
What was I thinking?  I was sewing like a crazy woman but then again...that would be normal!  
 I had a hard time explaining why I didn't get much done for Christmas this year until after they opened their gifts.  Then they understood perfectly what I had been up to. I had vacation piled up until December 9th and was off until Jan. 3.  Oh, it was a lovely "staycation"!

My youngest daughter didn't want to use hers so she went to  Home Depot and bought a curtain rod and is using it for Wall Art...Oh, I feel so honored!
Her quilt is almost like the other one but it has that goofy green turquoise color you see in some of the blocks instead of the peach color around the outside.  I know, it looks blue on this photo.  I didn't want to decide which girl got which quilt so I didn't put names on the packages and made them chose which one they wanted to open.  Believe is so nice to know they have grown up and not still fight like they used to!

Information for Quilters:
These quilts are 82 x 82 and were designed using Electric Quilt 7 software.  Fabric is from Connecting Threads and I used the Canning Day Jelly Rolls because there was no way I was parting with anything in my stash!

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  1. oh com'on LaRae..... not parting with any of your stash? Can you hear me laughing all the way up here ???? hey, these quilts turned out beautifully ! ! ! Great job !