Saturday, January 15, 2011


I can't say we have the winter blues but I thought there was something wrong with my camera when I took a photo out of the livingroom window. I looked and looked, for some reason I thought I had accidentally set it on Black and White. At first I didn't realize that is really all the camera saw!

Oh, and then Low and Behold, here comes the Hubby and the dog.  They were out for a walk and feeding pheasants.  The pheasants are having a hard time surviving this winter.  There is so much snow they can't find feed.  I sure am glad he likes the cold better than I do!

There they go...all three of them.  The Willy dog, DH and that lazy cat.  They are headed for the warmth of the wood shop.  I wonder what he will be making today!

Looks like a soup kind of day!
I will have to see what we come up with.

Those of you shudder to think of living here in North Dakota but wait...we do have the lowest unemployment rate in the whole nation. That is only because half of the year we are working on the mountain removal project and the other half of the year is snow removal.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Beautiful pictures, but I think I'll stay put. I live in the fabulous Florida Keys and it will be in the mid 70's today.

  2. Those pics are gorgeous. Its been like that here in S Dakota too and just keeps getting colder. But we have thick skin right? LOL. Thanks for sharing