Sunday, June 26, 2011


I have a friend that loves to mosaic anything and everything. If her grandkids would slow down I am sure their little behinds would have bits and pieces glued all over them....probably do anyway!
Her latest endeavor was buying bowling balls. She says she bought 11 of them which rolled around in her van for a few days before she was able to unload them. I wonder if every time she turned a corner she yelled, "Strike"! 

Anyway, she is one talented lady with whom I have went to garage sales with.  We definitely needed a bus to take home all the things she found last time.  We had to cut her back a little or we would have had to tie her to the top of the Blazer to get home. This year we might have to! 

I want to share some of the neat things she has on her deck and in her apartment.  She has a true gift for repurposing things...hence Trash to Treasure!  She lives on the second floor of a beautiful old building on Main Street of her small town.  She has it decorated just so adorable.  She loves gardening but she did not have the room to do that so she had a deck added on to her apartment.  It is about 16 x 25 and she recently also put a roof over it.  It is cozy!

This is an old lampshade that is now a
planter hanging from the ceiling on her deck. 
Did you notice how she also has lights strung thru the rafters?

This is one little corner of her paradise.

This was an old table she found and now it has
fabric squares decoupaged on top of it.
How cute is that to have a permanent
table cloth on your outdoor table?
You can use Outdoor Modge Podge for a project like this.

This is an old baby crib made into a vanity to
hold the old kitchen sink she found.   So yes, she has
everything, including the kitchen sink!
She does use it for potting her plants.

I see someone is just NUTS about getting mail.

These strange orbs keep showing up everywhere!

Interesting ceiling!  Believe it or not, it's big sheets
of cardboard that were discarded from her employer. 
She nailed it to the ceiling and did some fancy
painting on it.  Who knew!
Those windows are between two rooms in her
apartment.   It apparently held several offices at
one time.

This is a little dresser that she did mosaic on.  She has a nice tea set sitting on it.

She put just the edges of little plates
all over the top of the dresser. 
I wish everyone could see it up close and is
very beautiful!

I have a lot of family and friends that
seem to like old junk and old things
and are always ready to fix them up. 
I am one lucky person to be
surrounded with people like that. 
They treat me the same way!

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