Sunday, June 26, 2011


I guess this is the time of year to go camping.  To tell you the truth, no matter how cute a camper is...I do not like camping.  Give me a nice motel and have someone cook and do the dishes for me and I will be just fine.  That is my idea of a relaxing vacation or weekend.  Otherwise...I will do my own cooking and dish washing from the comforts of my own kitchen.   I cannot in my wildest imagination think why I would want to get food and supplies, pack up the camper with all sorts of things, pack some more, then finally drive and drive to get to the campsite. unpack everything, cook all the meals...bitching complaining about the mosquitoes and how hot it is and then pack it all back up again and drive and drive just to get home and unpack everything...and it all stinks like mildew!    Oh, boy...what fun we had. 

I know you can hear the sarcasm but really we can have fun right in our own back yard and we do!  We have a fire pit surrounded by flowers which do attract bees but DH sprays for all those nasty things.  We grill right outside the front door on the deck.  I can eat at the table by the AC if I want to or out on the deck.  I can sleep in my own bed, sit in my own chair and if I really truly want to scare the coyotes...I can sing around the campfire.  The coffee is always hot and the beer is always cold.

Our girls love to come home and actually stay home when they are here.  They love "camping" at home.  Hmmmmm...maybe they haven't caught on to us yet.  

Now this wasn't always easy to pull off.  Nope...not when you have young children.  You have to expose them to all the fun things in life.  You have to allow them to experience life.  This is how we went camping "MOMMA STYLE" around 25 years ago.

OK, girls....aren't we having fun at the lake!  You just eat those Popsicles and make sure to wash off when you're done.

Well, girls that was quite a day at the lake, you settle down in those tomato ketchup sleeping bags and Dad will take care of those nasty snakes and mosquitoes.  You never know how many there are in the dining room!

As the girls got older we even let them fill their own lake!  Can it get any more fun camping?

Oops, girls, you will have to take turns in that lake!  Play nice.
Learn to share.  Not everyone can go for a dip in the lake at once.

That's better.  Big sister let little sister in first.  What a life...cooling off AND camping in North Dakota...MOMMA STYLE

 Well, after telling you and showing you how we camp, (I camp?) I thought I would share this little camper design for those that have electronic cutting machines.   I did this one for a lady on one of my boards. 

CLICK HERE to download SVG.


  1. LOL - I enjoyed that. Oh, I remember camping and sleeping on the hard ground when our sonwas a Cub Scout. Oh, the joys. We did the RV also. What memories!!!

    Thanks for the files.

  2. LOL - I enjoyed that. I remember sleeping on the hard ground when our son was in Cub Scouts. We did the RV thing for awhile also. Oh the joys of camping. Such memories.

    Thanks for the files.

  3. Thank you so much for this camper svg file. I'm sure it will come in handy for any camping layouts I might make...:-)

  4. OMG, thank you for sharing your way of camping. I just love it! Also, your files are great. Your very talented.

  5. WOW I enjoyed reading this post. I had a continuous smile on my face because I'm with you and it reminded me of camping at my Mom's when I was a child so many years ago. Those silver tubs made marvelous pools. What a wonderful story with pictures. Loved it!!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  6. Mom, thanks for posting the pictures, I almost forgot about the tub! And the ketchup sleeping bags! Hee hee, we had way too much fun, didn't we? Loved the camper, if only I had childhood memories pics to use it for scrapbooking...;-)