Thursday, July 28, 2011


We spent a most wonderful week over July 4th on a little piece of Heaven called Prince Edward Island. For those of you who were like me and asking....Where the heck is that?  Well, it is one of Canada's providences and one of their best kept secrets. It is between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and New Foundland. What a place of ultimate beauty! Red, yes, RED sand beaches and cliffs, beautiful green fields and the bluest of skies. It was like living in a picture.

Last Winter, I met a most friendly lady on an online quilting board that was from Prince Edward Island.  She was so instrumental in making our time there so much fun.  She told us everything we needed to know right down to what clothes to bring.  I called her once I was there and we texted and I know we would have talked for hours but with a 70 cents a minute calling price, I had to limit myself.  It was good to talk to her and maybe just maybe next time we can meet.  (I want to go back already!) She was recuperating from an accident and I am sure would not have needed company at that time but even so she was still ready to meet us!  It was always too late in the day to get together with her when we were done sightseeing so we put it off and I so regret it!   Thank you Louise…you were so wonderful!

Well, I know you all wanted to see a picture of me at the beach.  This is the best I could do.  Sorry you missed my cute beach outfit!

My hubby thinking he is sitting on top of the world.  We later had to tell him it was a rock but he still felt like a king on this beautiful island.  He didn't bring anything to wear on his feet that would be "beach" worthy so my daughter bought these for him at a gas station.  He wouldn't be caught dead in them around his buddies.

These beautiful flowers grew all over the island.  They were just beautiful and grew along the roads and fence lines.   They call them weeds! They are called Lupines and I am definitely going to order the seeds and grow them in MY fence line next year!

So I hope I have interested you all in visiting our wonderful neighbors to the north.  You have no idea what you are missing.  We hope to go back because it had to be one of our most relaxing vacations we have ever taken.  You cannot beat the Canadian people for friendliness and we felt so warmly welcomed wherever we went. 

Thank you Canada for being a good neighbor and a good friend!  We will visit you again!

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