Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have to say, this may be almost too late but I had to share.  I made this for a church Bazaar at the end of April but it is the technique I wanted to share.  This pattern is called Land of Liberty by Debbie Mumm.  It can be downloaded for free from her website.  Look under free projects.  You might want to browse a bit there also!

Anyway, what I did for the wavy part of the flag is I just used red and white striped fabric and fan folded it a bit off kilter into a piece that would be large enough to accommodate that part of the pattern. I ironed it very well to hold the creases and then I used a bit of Unique Stitch glue here and there to hold in place.  I didn’t want it totally stuck together because I wanted it to look like it was waving in the breeze and give a little texture to the wall hanging.  Once it was cut out according to the pattern directions I just sewed it in as if it were one solid piece.  I loved the way it turned out and the lady that bought it, really looked it over trying to figure out how I did it.  It sold for $45 and I was thrilled to be able to contribute. 

I also made two quick table runners that were so simple using the same red and white stripes.  I had a couple Friendship Star blocks left over from a project and put them on the ends of a piece of that striped fabric, put a little sashing around it to make it bigger  and then quilted it and binded it. Sewed on 4 star buttons in the corners and WALA…instant table runner.  The other one is just scrap pieces sewed together and quilted.  These also sold for $45 each.  WooHoo 

This is on the display board along with many wonderful things for the bazaar.

Here is the quilt I made also for the Bazaar.  I made it queen size and included the Pillow Shams and also the pillow for them.  They sold raffle tickets on it.  I have no idea how many tickets they sold but they were happy.  I am always excited to help some organization make money.

This is actually being displayed on my dining room table before we took it to the bazaar.
AND for my electronic cutting machine is a simple little SVG for the 4th of July.  This will come in 4 pieces on your mat when you upload the SVG.  The red part has the star holes cut into it so whatever color  you use as a background is what will show through the stars.  Don't forget to keep those little stars that are cut out!  

CLICK HERE to download SVG
Have a very safe and wonderful holiday!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your files. I downloaded them all. Your quilt is fantastic....I still never tried to make one. Just don't seem to find time. My computer was down so I am playing catch up but my thoughts were with you when I heard about the floods there. I hope all is well with you.